DAV Volunteer

Be a DAV Volunteer

The Disabled American Veterans’ Voluntary Services Program provides numerous opportunities for men and women of all ages to help make a difference in the lives of disabled veterans.


Volunteer at a VA Hospital

Like all medical facilities, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics need volunteers. These volunteers are needed because many hospitalized vets have no family or friends, and they are very far from home.

Volunteers perform a wide range of duties. Some enjoy direct contact with patients, participating in recreational programs and other activities on the wards. Other volunteers assist the VA’s professional staff in several ways that involve little patient contact. Your role as a volunteer at a VA medical facility can be as basic, and as important, as just being a friend to a patient in the trying days of illness and therapy.

DAV and VA Voluntary Service (VAVS) volunteers bring a touch home…a personal contact with the world outside the hospital walls…the feeling that patients are remembered, that they’re still a part of the community.

No matter what your inclination may be, there’s a volunteer role you’ll enjoy. Show our country’s hospitalized vets you’re grateful for their sacrifices….Volunteer today!


Local Veterans Assistance Programs

Iraq and Afghanistan and our World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans age, our nation’s heroes need your help.

The Disabled American Veterans Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP) is designed to facilitate and recognize creative volunteerism to support veterans and the DAV’s mission.

From DAV member support of chapters and departments to direct assistance to veterans, widows or families, the program is a flexible way for everyone to honor the service and sacrifices of our nation’s veterans.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please email us.