DAVCAP Volunteer

Be a DAVCAP Volunteer

The Disabled American Veterans Transportation Network at the Northport VA Medical Center has started a new program which we call Disabled American Veterans Community Access Program (DAVCAP). There were veterans at the Northport VAMC because of their disabilities were always being overlooked when other veterans went on outings. These were veterans that were on locked up wards and/or veterans in wheelchairs. Some of these veterans didn’t leave the facility in years. When we were approached by the Northport VAMC to help in getting these veterans out we were more than willing to help. The Northport VAMC approached us because we already had on hand five (5) wheelchair accessible vans and the volunteer drivers to drive the vans. The program has expanded that not only do we take the most challenged veterans, we have opened the program to all the veterans who are residents of the Northport VAMC.


See DAVCAP Page for Photos and Events.


Since the Program has expanded our need for DAVCAP volunteers has increased. Your duties as a DAVCAP Volunteer is very important.

  • The first and most important requirement will be your ability to drive a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. These vehicles can transport up to five (5) wheelchairs, with six (6) ambulatory veterans or the vehicle can transport twenty (20) ambulatory veterans. If you have driven a handicapped school bus, truck, deuce and a half, tank, motor home or have had a CDL you would know what is involved in driving a wheelchair accessible bus.
  • You need to be in shape to push the veteran who is in a wheelchair on to the bus and to strap a wheelchair down to the floor with the veteran in it.
  • In addition to driving you will also be helping out as a escort for the veteran. When you get to the event you will help out as needed.

In the beginning you will have another DAVCAP Volunteer Driver helping you.


If you would like to be a volunteer, please email us.